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Each year, Brad receives commissions for concert or jazz bands. He has been commissioned by bands at middle school, high school and college symphonic bands.  When working with a commission, much care is taken to “fit” the piece to the ensemble. Often, Brad will travel to the school, meeting with the band to collect ideas and direction for the composition. Drafts will be sent to the conductor and modifications made so that the music will always satisfy and match the group's ability and interests.


Having commissioned music for his own school band, Brad understands the dynamics of working together (composer, director and musicians). Much work is done around the architecture of the music (discussions about form, harmony) so that students not only perform a premiere, they also learn about the writing process. 


Commissioned pieces can incorporate a school's song or be developed around a local theme. Brad is always willing to compose the music to fit the school’s needs. 


Whether it be a fanfare, a lyrical ballad, or the rousing closer to your concert, Brad can create just the music your band's next program. 


Brad's most recent concert band commission "City of Lights" is now available for purchase. The Aurora grade 7 band, (Aurora, Ill), commissioned and premiered this work.  Kjos publications has just released this work for concert band. You can search JW Pepper or to preview the score and audio.   His latest commission was for a jazz waltz (with requested soloist featured) for Viewmont High School Jazz Ensemble in Bountiful (Salt Lake City), Utah. 

Commissions for concert band or jazz band are accepted around the year, but negotiated for exact delivery dates. When planning ahead, please allow up to six months for a completed work to be delivered (depending on the time of year).


Consortium commissions:

Schools can join together to jointly commission a work for band. In this model, a group of schools can reduce their expense by pooling their resources. This method has allowed some schools to enter into a commissioned work,  as the overall costs are less per school. Spreading the fees over four or five schools makes commissioning a work very affordable. Schools can consider ESSER funds as a funding source for commissioning a work.


Please contact Brad for more information on commissioning a work for your band. You will make memories for your students that will last a life-time.


Fees are contingent upon the length and level of the music.  Contact Brad for more details about a commissioned work for your ensemble.

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